Alex jennings was born in Tasmania, australia. Educated in the UK, with 5 years at art college, with a degree in graphic design his extensive photographic experience has led him around the world from New York city, UK and sydney.
he has been working as a collage artist and portrait photographer, for the past 15 years, shooting for magazines and the advertising industry, for clients such as tigerlily, nike, qantas, harper collins and magazines such as harpers bazaar, gq, instyle, financial review and sunday telegraph.
for the past few years alex has been concentrating on his own artistic creations, he uses traditional photographic processes, utilizing his own darkroom to create his work.
the collages hold a network of stories layered within the fabric of pre-loved notes, stained tickets and weathered photographs. strong textures woven from ephemeral materials. a sense of imperfection in our slickly manufactured world, fused with a structure unique to each interpretation via letters, numbers and a strong graphic layout.


the works can evolve from a single event - a photograph, something lost, a discarded object, a poem, a torn letter, old stamps- anything that can spark new synergy. many of the works are of powerful portraits composed and un-cropped. paint and odds and ends are sometimes thrown randomly onto the canvas to add spontaneity and emotional charge. the lattice for interpretation possible, is both deep and compelling, making each image truly inimitable.

to produce the large size photographs he projects the images onto the darkroom wall, a kind of photographic jigsaw puzzle, he then reassembles them to create the large prints. the analogue photographic process is a way of looking at imagery in a different way.... handmade with soul.
alex's early work was founded for many years in his beautiful photographic collage books. these montage books are still been produced today, using sepia toned images printed in his darkroom. these books are an on going journey of ideas, people and places he visits, documented in a wonderful and intriguing way.
michael kilmartin- art buyer
the printers print: a decent exposure
blanco negro, sydney (mori 2 -group exhibition)
Nothing in Common- analogue photographic collages,
mary place gallery , sydney  (solo show)

head on portrait prize 2010 –semi finalist

acp, sydney
moran contemporary photo prize 2009 –finalist
state library of nsw, Sydney



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