Sixteen Chairs

Helen with final art piece hanging on her wall, great commission,
one of the largest works I have created so far...all photographs
printed in my darkroom and constructed by digital here!!

National Park shoot

On location shooting the 8x10 Tachihara camera a lot of gear
to carry but beautiful scenery and hopefully some great shots!

Wrapping up!

Ready to deliver and bubble wrapped up!

Robert Marriott portrait

Recently finished commissioned art piece- Robert Marriott portrait
... great when it all comes together and loved by the client. 

Tachihara 8x10 camera

Excited about my new mint Tachihara 8x10 field camera,
just beautiful!!.... can't wait to shoot some film... cheers!

Darkroom Confidential- interview

It was great chatting to Chris Reid from Blanco Negro.
"Darkroom Confidential"- an insight interview about my
photography and darkroom experiences. Originally a podcast
it was also video recorded and now on YouTube.- link:

Blanco Negro group exhibition

Great to be involved in this group exhibition.
Honoured to have Mori II used as the promo for the show...
check it out!

Nothing in Common - Mary Place Gallery

After months of hard work...very chuffed with the final results

Gallery show

The gallery looked great...
the interior perfectly complimented my collage works.


Sold quite a few pieces, very happy with the outcome...
thank you to all who came on by....
check out @alexjenningsphoto on instagram for more!

Lens cleaning cloths

Giving away free lens cleaning cloths at the show...
2 styles available... these are based on photographic art pieces-
16 Hands and Gunshot... love em!

Limited edition prints

Limited edition A5 pigment prints just picked up from the printers...
available for purchase at the show.- *UPDATE email me if you want
to purchase some prints... still some for sale $40.00 / 2 set.

Nothing in Common

Gallery show -Nothing in Common- analogue photographic collages.
Promos for show finally arrived...they look great!
Opens the 7th August- 17th- see homepage for more details.
Wine supplied by Taylors of South Australia...fantastic!!

Size Eight

Piecing together some rather large feet!

Four Faces- assembly

Work in progress...finally having my first gallery show-
Mary Place Gallery, Paddington- early August... still so much to do...


I'm now on Instagram... check me out @alexjenningsphoto.
I will be posting work in progress, lost shoots, news and inspirations!

GQ Magazine

Share your Stuff

click here to see more
GQ Magazine-Photomontage on "Sharing"-
Thanks to Ceri and Josh...amazing what you can do in a small amount of time!

Red Setter

Recent shoot, thanks Suze...very hot, humid day.
Shooting film is a challenge, but love the feel of contact prints.
Image for an up coming large collage....


Butterflies were beautiful, very fragile but amazing colours and details.
Printed large, very chuffed with final results...looks amazing framed.

Test print

Work in progress-another commissioned photographic collage.
Quick print to see how will look...


Chelsea Mitchell website photo's.
Website up and running, fantastic day, location in the most unusual place...


Butterflies, flowers and ephemera. A recent commissioned large art piece.
Thanks to Warren Macris for is time, expertise and beautiful final digital print.
More work to come....

Meanjin Magazine


Thomas Keneally

Shot portrait of Thomas for Meanjin Magazine- great quarterly publication from Melbourne.
The journal covers literature and visual arts with great layouts... lovely team, hopefully work with them again.

DPI Magazine

click here to see more
I was recently approached by DPI Magazine for an interview invitation.
DPI is a well known magazine for designers and artists, read throughout
Taiwan, China and Hong Kong- check out my interview with them....more later.

Leica MP

I finally got my Leica MP after a year of waiting. No its not digital, it's 35mm
and will out live all other cameras, a perfect instrument.


and finally finished.........

Out of the darkroom

Sawung Jabo-musician/actor.
In progress- piecing together prints to see how it will all come together.

Rachael Finch

Sunday Telegraph shoot. Rachael was really great, with this beautiful
inner energy. She will go along way...just me with another Miss Australia.

Lights, Camera....

St.Lukes Hospital -Annual report one of the
operating theatres.

Call me an Ambulance

Jeremy- art directing and operating (digital)....nice scrubs!

The New website

Hi... by the way welcome to my new site.
Big thanks to Natalie for all her hard work and time..
I will try and keep this up to date with what I'm doing or shooting..
cheers now...alex

latest work...

Blathnaid popped into see the finished exhibit piece I have just
completed, gee I can't believe how much bigger the portrait is than her.
Thanks little flower... will have to see more galleries about a show....
I've been working on these for years!...

Laura Dundovic

Here is a pic of me and gorgeous Laura Dundovic. I recently shot her…for Sunday Telegraph…Her family were so welcoming, her mum so funny joking around and making us cups of tea…